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Antiperspirant Deodarant Sprays – The Obadan Deodorant Gently Tackles Excessive Sweating (

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Obadan’s antiperspirant deodorant spray tackles bodily sweat and odor beyond the underarms, paying attention to sweat issues beyond one part of the body. Sweat builds up often around the forehead and hands as well, and the spray gently creates long-lasting protection.

It also helps with sports blistering and chafing as well and can be used safely on the head and face, hands, feet, underarms, back, front torso, and intimate areas as well. To ensure that the product works, radio-isotope tests have been performed and the spray’s drying effect is caused by poral plugs that develop from skin protein and aluminum. What makes Obadan’s deodorant effective is its non-aqueous and silicone formula that prevents any skin irritancy.

Image Credit: Glamour

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