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CCTV cameras at Lekki toll gate were tampered with before killing

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The CCTV cameras at the Lekki Toll Gate, where people were shot while protesting in Lagos, two weeks ago, didn’t capture the whole evening, according to the boss of the company that runs the gate.

Abayomi Omomuwasan, the managing director of the Lekki Concession Company, told a judicial panel which is investigating the events of 20 October that the CCTV had stopped recording at 8pm.

He said a facility the camera was linked to had been “tampered” with and had been burnt.

There have been many rumours that the lights were switched off purposefully and CCTV cameras were removed before the shooting happened two weeks ago.

However, he said that the only cameras removed were the vehicle recognition ones because they were at eye-level and he didn’t want them damaged.

He added that the lights weren’t switched on because his staff had been sent home in respect of a curfew imposed by the Lagos State government.

He handed over CCTV footage to the panel but said it had no audio.

Amnesty International say the Nigerian security forces shot and killed peaceful protestors demanding an end to police brutality, which the authorities deny.

The panel has adjourned until Friday.

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