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Consistent Potency CBD Sprays – The PürCare Oral Mist Delivers the Perfect Dose Every Time (

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CBD is traditionally administered through edible supplements or topical products, but the PürCare Oral Mist aims to change this with a versatile formulation that is simple enough to use almost anywhere. The product is achieved using full-spectrum CBD that are delivered using nano-sized particles to help effectively deliver just the right amount with every spray. This is reported by the brand to help substantially increase the amount of CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream for maximum effect.

Founder and CEO of Well Care Brands Greg Zenko spoke on the PürCare Oral Mist saying, “We are excited to be at the forefront of providing CBD users with a more-accurate and effective method of dosing—ultimately, allowing our customers the peace of mind to know relief is just minutes away. This system is miles ahead of the old tincture technology, which typically gets swallowed, and therefore can take up to five times more product to provide the same results.”

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* Use tissue while sneezing

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