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COVID-19 affects Kidney, blood – Lagos govt warns

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Lagos State Health Commissioner, Prof Akin Abayomi, has revealed that the COVID-19 disease adversely affects the kidney and the blood.

Abayomi, who was a guest at the Arise News programme on Wednesday warned that people with diabetics, hypertension and obesity are more likely to be infected and as such must be careful with their health.

According to him, the existing health conditions predisposes such people to the risk of being infected faster by the disease than others.

“There are discoveries about the COVID-19 virus. For instance, it is not a straightforward respiratory problem. We have found out that it impacts the blood, the kidneys.

“The common denominators are diabetes, hypertension, and underlying immunological problems. Obesity is also a possible risk factor. We watch such people closely. If you fall into any of these categories, you have to be very careful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nigeria on Tuesday recorded 195 more cases of the deadly coronavirus.

As at April 28, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria is 1, 532.

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Basic protective measures against the new corona virus

What you can do regarding this period or what you should do regularly
* Use tissue while sneezing

* Avoid Traveling

* Stay At Home

* Use mask if you go out

* Wash your hands frequently with soap

* Avoid Crowd

* Be Safe.

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