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Daily Tea: When (Say No To Rape)

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(Inspired By A True Life Story)

Daily Tea: When (Say No To Rape)

My name is Latifat, a well brought up 16-year-old teenager from an Islamic background. We’re born in a polygamous family in the Northern Part of Nigeria.

I was and still a very beautiful girl that has attracted the male opposite sex including my uncles and step brothers whom always makes sexual advances on me.

Ademola is a street seller hustlers, very popular on the street. He would always meet me a lot each time I walk pass the street either coming back from school or errand sent to me by by father. He would stop and profess how deep he he had always feelings for me, but I declined by telling him that I am not ready for any relationship at this age as I am too occupied with my studies.

One day, I was invited to a party by one of my friends who happens to be one of my closest friends and classmates in school named Mariam. She is a 17-year-old girl, a year older than I am. We agreed agreed to meet in her place where I was going cos I felt I’m gradually developing into a teenage adult and will definitely need some freedom to explore since we’re in holidays.

When I got Marian’s place, she told me that we will visit another friends of hers which I didn’t even bother to ask the name and so I agreed . We got to the house of her friend and it was in a ghetto-like area. I sat down on one of the dirty old looking seat as Mariam brought me a drink. I drank the drink and after 5 minutes later, I asked if we’re no longer going to the party as planned cos we where 25 minutes late and the party is to commence by 2pm, but Mariam told me to be patient.

Few minutes later, I started feeling dizzy after taking the first drink. I couldn’t help myself and don’t know what’s going on at the moment. I felt like someone was pouncing on me. I was weak and could nearly see or recognise the person. He looks like Ademola or maybe Ademola.

The next day, I found myself in the hospital when I opened my eyes and was surrounded by my parents and a Doctor standing next to them. It was gathered that I was rescued and rushed to the hospital by a stranger cos I was in a coma. I realised I had been raped and couldn’t locate Mariam. I was treated and got healed but the trauma still lingers in me. I really Thank God Almighty for my life cos I would have been long dead by now and won’t be sharing my testimonies and life experience with you all.

My advice to parents is to pay a proper attention to the type of friends their children keeps and also the children should always inform their parents wherever they are going or whoever they’re visiting. The exposures of social media immorality had also contributed as a bad influence to children and teenagers especially

The Government should also create an awareness or an organization that will enlighten the women and the girl-child on the importance of speaking out on cases that violate their rights (The Women and The Girl-Child) “When” the society and The Government realizes that is highly important to put a stop to the illicit act called “rape” , The society would be a better place for all

Regardless of the fact that we’re Islam, My father was converted to Christian and also convinced all his family members to do same.

Indeed, There is truly an existence of God whom guide and protect his children.

When he says yes, who are we to say no.

Written By
Eze “VALUE” Obinna
Gmail: value4music1@Gmail.com
Facebook: Value Obinna
Instagram: @valueobinna

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