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Denzel Curry Isn’t Interested In Travis Scott Collab Or His ‘Funky’ Attitude

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Don’t expect to see Denzel Curry making music with Travis Scott. While answering fan questions via Twitter on Tuesday (November 3), Curry dismissed the possibility of him collaborating with Scott in the future.

“His attitude funky,” he wrote in a response to someone inquiring if he’d ever work with the Cactus Jack founder.

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Curry also cleared up any confusion about the two supposedly working together in the past. When a fan suggested he was intended to appear on Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld, Curry let it be known that wasn’t the case.

“Not true,” he explained. “the producer just sent the same beat not knowing who was going use it coincidentally we both had it.”

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The confusion stemmed from a snippet of Curry rapping over Scott’s “HOUSTONFORNICATION” beat produced by Sevn Thomas and Wallis Lane. As it turns out, it wasn’t a scrapped verse but actually a case of the instrumental being passed around to multiple artists.

Listen to the snippet below.

[embedded content]

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