Dinnertime Conversation Cards – The Honey Baked Ham Co.’s Packs Come with Conversation Starters (TrendHunter.com)


To support and enhance family time spent around the dinner table, The Honey Baked Ham Company is including conversation cards within its newly released Family Dinner Packs. The dinner packs can be ordered in seven different to-go options, including choices of meat (naturally ones of these options includes a signature ham), a pair of heat-and-serve side dishes like cheesy potatoes au gratin and green bean casserole, plus a dozen dinner rolls. These specially curated packs are designed to share enough food to feed households of two to six people.

When dinnertime comes around, the conversation starter cards can be used to pose fun and lighthearted questions like: “Would you rather eat mac n’ cheese for dessert or sweet potato casserole for breakfast?” and “If you could only watch one TV series for the rest of your life what would it be?”

Image Credit: The Honey Baked Ham Company

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