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DJ Neptune ft. Victor AD – Tomorrow

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DJ Neptune ft. Victor AD - Tomorrow

DJ Neptune ft Victor AD – Tomorrow

Overview of DJ Neptune ft Victor AD – Tomorrow

Award-winning Nigerian disk jockey, DJ Neptune is off to an early start in the new year as he serves a brand new record entitled “Tomorrow“.

Tomorrow” features the popular “Wetin We Gain” crooner, Victor AD who sends a very powerful message, saying “My brother cool down no dey worry about tomorrow, na one life na we get, nobody wey dey borrow“.

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However, the record was produced by hit-making music producer, Kel P and it was mixed, mastered by Milla Mix.

Check it out below and share your thoughts.



Notable Lyrics

Why you still dey vex, cool temper

Why you still dey para, like say you create yourself

My brother cool down no dey worry about tomorrow

Na one life na we get, nobody wey dey borrow

Omo drink up drink up drink up drink up eh

Call all them guys make them come and drink up eh

Omo drink up drink up drink up drink up o

Tomorrow go come na for those wey sleep wake up eh

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