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Doja Cat Disses Her Own No. 1 Hit ‘Say So’

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Doja Cat performed her No. 1 hit “Say So” at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday night, but not everyone was excited to watch.

Following the show, the California native noticed her fans complaining in her mentions – as she’s also performed the song at various other awards shows since it topped the charts back in May. In solidarity, she let them know they’re not the only ones over it.

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“im tired of say so too yall,” she tweeted.

The song was originally released exactly one year ago on November 7, 2019, when Doja dropped her sophomore album, Hot Pink. It was officially released as a single in late January, but didn’t really blow up until popular TikTok user Haley Sharpe created a dance for it months later. The song and its accompanying dance grew so big that Sharpe was featured in the video, and landed Doja her dream collaboration with Nicki Minaj for the remix.

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Minaj’s appearance was enough to propel the song to number one on the Billboard 100 in May, but it was extremely short-lived. Soon after, internet sleuths uncovered an old video of her allegedly engaging in jokes in an online chatroom reportedly known for its racist users. She quickly issued an apology and denied being anti-Black, but it wasn’t enough to keep the song at the top of the charts.

While Minaj seemingly distanced herself from Doja after the incident, the Hot Pink rapper managed to avoid full cancellation and has since been performing the song at awards shows – just not the remix.

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