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EV-Charging Fitness Events – SportsArt is Using Its Cardio Equipment to Power Electric Vehicles (

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SportsArt, a green fitness label, has joined forces with international sustainable energy company GRIDSERVE to host an event in the UK to power up electric vehicles while offering participants a luxury fitness experience.

At the station, dubbed Electric-Forecourt, SportsArt and GRIDSERVE will include a simplistic electric vehicle charging station, which drivers can use while they enjoy the wellness room that’s equipped with the fitness label’s G576U Upright Cycles. When the indoor bikes are used, they connect to the vehicle through ECO-POWR technology—transforming “human energy produced through pedaling to contribute to the power grid for charging vehicles.”

Ruben Mejia, Executive Vice President of SportsArt, spoke to the initiative, stating “SportsArt’s mission is to deliver sustainable and eco-friendly options; the Electric Forecourt® is a prime example of an innovative opportunity that will bring these alternatives to an entire community.”

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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