Extreme Weather-Enduring Footwear – Season Three & Benjamin Edgar Debut the Extreme Conditions Range (TrendHunter.com)


The NYC-based direct-to-consumer footwear brand, Season Three, recently joined forces with the multimedia designer, Benjamin Edgar, to launch the new, limited-edition of boots and laces, dubbed ‘Extreme Conditions.’ The range includes two long-haired “nappy” suede versions of Season Three’s flagship style, the Ansel Boot, and two sets of vibrant, custom lace.

Adam Klein, the Co-founder of Season Three, commented on the collaboration, stating: “We’ve long admired Ben’s talent for redesigning everyday objects with exceptional materials. When we launched The Ansel Boot, Ben was one of the first people that we sent a pair to and we immediately began discussing ways to collaborate. The “Extreme Conditions” collection marries our penchant for purposeful and high-quality components and Ben’s fascination with material properties. Together, we were able to create something that feels adventurous but still authentic to both of our brands.”

Image Credit: Season Three

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