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Hearty Shelf-Stable Chilis – Loma Linda’s ‘Ultimate Vegetarian Chili’ Boasts 15g of Protein (

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Loma Linda, a plant-based protein label that comes from Atlantic Natural Foods, has expanded its product range with the ‘Ultimate Vegetarian Chili.’

The hearty shelf-stable dish comes packaged in a microwavable bag, and needs just 60 seconds to heat up. Each serving contains 15g of protein, and provides a quick and filling meal that’s perfect for those who are short on time but are looking to maintain a healthy diet. The Ultimate Vegetarian Chili is also free of gluten, uses non-GMO ingredients, is naturally free of cholesterol, and made with plant-based ingredients that are vegan-friendly. The chili can be enjoyed on its own, used as a dip, or served over one of Loma Linda’s vegetarian hot dogs.

Image Credit: Loma Linda

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