Holistic Mushroom Tinctures – Üphoric Urth’s Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures Address Different Problems (TrendHunter.com)


For those who prefer a more holistic approach to medicine, Üphoric Urth boasts a potent and effective range of mushroom tinctures, geared toward assisting with various health difficulties or improving overall wellness. The brand was founded by Kate Seiberlich who struggled with her life-altering autoimmune disorder until she discovered the power of mushrooms and was completely healed.

Üphoric Urth’s offers a cohesive variety of medicinal mushroom tinctures that are easy-to-use and carry on-the-go. The fungi are sourced from a family farm in Upstate New York and the mushroom extracts are formulated without myceliated grain and unnatural additives. As a result, the mushroom tinctures are organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Üphoric Urth’s range includes six tinctures made from Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps. The last of the lot presents a blend of the five core mushrooms and Kate cheerfully calls it “the mushroom multi-vitamin.” Each product is tied to a few major benefits, including reducing inflammation, fighting disease, boosting the immune system, increasing daily energy, and optimizing cognitive performance.

Image Credit: Üphoric Urth

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