Hygiene-Focused Travel Kits – The Travel Safe Portable Hygiene Kit Was Made for Post-Pandemic Travel (TrendHunter.com)


A year ago, a traveler might have purchased a travel kit full of comfort-focused essentials like inflatable neck pillows and earplugs but in response to a global pandemic, travel kits are being reworked with a focus on safety and hygiene. The Travel Safe Portable Hygiene Kit was developed by Enviro-Point includes the new essentials for travel like multiple pairs of disposable gloves, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfectant alcohol wipes.

The kit was created in response to the fact that even though most people aren’t thinking about travel, they will want to be prepared to take personal steps to reduce the infection rate. As the new norm sees people using face masks, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers in daily life, travelers are being introduced new new essentials.

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