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“I’m Ready To Be A 2nd Or 3rd Wife To Any Rich Man” -Nollywood Actress, Christabel Egbenya

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"I’m Ready To Be A 2nd Or 3rd Wife To Any Rich Man" -Nollywood Actress, Christabel Egbenya

Nigerian actress Christabel Egbenya has noted that she completely doesn’t mind becoming the 2nd or the 3rd wife to any rich man.

According to her, she only cares about her happiness so if a marriage guarantees her happiness, she is all for it.

Christabel Egbenya blatantly admitted on the Sun that every woman dreams to have a rich and handsome man and that is her preference.

Quote“When it comes to serious dating for now, I don’t have a man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a boyfriend. I like an understanding of man. Who will love me for who I am and will support my business and all. If…


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