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Immune-Boosting Chewing Gums – Run Gum Immunity Shares Functional Support for Daily Wellness (

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Inspired by consumers’ increased awareness of immune health, Run Gum created Run Gum Immunity, its newest functional gum product with benefits. The brand first launched its flagship product, Run Gum Energy, in 2014 and this new one similarly supports daily wellness routines.

Run Gum Immunity is packed with immune-boosting ingredients like elderberry, B Vitamins and one of the most stable and clinically proven probiotics for immune health. The chewing gum delivers all these benefits with a pleasing mixed berry and cherry flavor, plus it has no added sugar, zero calories and its formula is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

While health-conscious consumers are turning to immune-boosting beverages for daily support, the brand notes that “Gum as the delivery vehicle allows for sublingual and buccal absorption, giving customers a fast boost without the need of any liquids.”

Image Credit: Run Gum

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