In-App Live Concerts – The Weeknd is Hosting a First-of-Its-King Live Concert on TikTok (


With music venues of all sizes still closed for public safety, live performances are going totally online these days and fans of The Weeknd will soon have the chance to tune into the first-ever live, virtual concert on TikTok. “TikTok’s first-of-its-kind virtual musical experience” is taking shape thanks to XO, Republic Records and Wave, and it promises The Weeknd Experience. The show will feature the artist’s latest album, After Hours, which has been recognized as the most-streamed R&B record ever on Spotify.

As part of the “immersive XR experience,” fans will be able to purchase exclusive merchandise and all proceeds will go towards the Equal Justice Initiative.

The in-app experience is exclusively for TikTok users, as fans will require an account to tune in for the Friday evening live event.

Image Credit: Wave

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