In-Home Travel Ads – These Automotive Ads Map Stay-Home Routes from Room to Room (


A lot of advertisements have had to be altered during a global pandemic with shelter in place orders and this is especially true for the automotive and travel industries, which have shifted their messaging to emphasize future journeys—or in this case, the routes from room to room. Hyundai Australia worked with Innocean Sydney on a series of ads that suit the current times, recognizing that peoples’ day-to-day lives look very similar in 2020, and the most commuting the average person is doing is from one room to another.

The ads all depict floorplans and show paths from getting to one place to another—while going for a meal is a twisty round-trip from the couch to the kitchen and back, students are enjoying their shortest commutes ever by rolling out of a bed and to a desk.

Image Credit: Hyundai

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