Luxe Protective Visors – Louis Vuitton’s Face Shield Doubles as a Piece of Headwear (


Designs like face masks and protective visors have appeared on fashion runways for years but they’ve become more than just style accessories during a pandemic. Louis Vuitton is introducing a face shield of its own that’s high-end and monogrammed in its signature style, and it’s a functional accessory that also doubles as a face visor.

Officially called the LV Shield, the design is meant to be secured around the wearer’s head and the visor, made from a photochromatic material, can be flipped up to be used as a sun cap. Since the material is responsive to light, it darkens in direct sunlight, changing from a clear to a tinted material to offer shielding from the sun’s powerful rays.

This design is indicative of the future of fashion for the foreseeable future, as people are looking for personal protection solutions that can easily be integrated into daily life.

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton

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