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Music + Video: “Nara Ekele MO” By Peter Michael

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“Nara Ekele Mo” is a melody that brings to the fore, God’s decency, significance and Almightiness. A tune of thankfulness and acknowledgment of God’s ceaseless love, dependability and fortune.

His adoration is astonishing. In any event, when we don’t trust Him, in our unfaithfulness, in spite of our deficiencies, He’s substantiated Himself dedicated and this is the reason tune “Nara Ekele Mooooo”.

About Peter Michael

Pastor Peter Onyekachi Michael is a lyricist, a chronicle and a performing craftsman, a music executive and a clergyman of the gospel, he was destined to the group recently Mr Peter kalu from Abia state. Dwindle educated in Oyibo Rivers express all through his primaries and auxiliary school, returned to Aba in 1990.

His adoration for gospel music developed from a young age in a nearby church in Abia state where he turned into the best percussionist in that district, which took him to such a large number of part of Nigeria in that youthful age. It was evidential that he was skilled and capable in music. What ever he ended up doing in music he does it so well.

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