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Natural Hand Sanitizer Donations – IZO Mezcal Donates Thousands of Bottles of Sanitizer to Durango (

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IZO Mezcal, a premium agave spirit company that was founded by Gaston Martinez, has decided to pivot its production resources in order to create thousands of bottles of natural hand sanitizer. The company will donate the bottles of hand sanitizer to the city of Durango, which is located in Northern Mexico, and is also the manufacturing home of IZO Mezcal.

To create its natural hand sanitizer, the company combines pure agave alcohol and natural glycerin. The formula is then securely packaged and then donated to a local non-profit, who will be responsible for distributing the product.

Martinez spoke to the initiative by saying: “We have worked with local ranchers from the beginning, laying a solid foundation for sustainably sourcing the clean ingredients that go into our wildcrafted spirits. Now, we are putting these same pure elements into formulating 100% natural alcohol sanitizer to help keep people safe.”

Image Credit: IZO Mezcal

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* Use tissue while sneezing

* Avoid Traveling

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