Nutrient-Dense Survival Meals – Nutrient Survival’s Shelf-Stable Freeze-Dried Meals Only Need Water (


Survivalists, preppers and backpackers alike have been stocking up on freeze-dried meals for years but 2020 has seen the average household realize the importance of having a well-stocked pantry in the midst of a pandemic and ranging wildfires around the world. Nutrient Survival is introducing a line of survival food that can be made as breakfasts, main meals and snacks just by adding water.

The nutrient-dense and shelf-stable freeze-dried meals appeal to a wide range of people who want to feel prepared. Some of the options that are available in the line include the Homestyle Scramble, Triple Cheese Mac, Peanut Butter Bar-Meals and Honey Granola Bar-Meals, as well as easy-to-make beverages like the Creamy Chocolate Shake and Vitamin Milk.

Image Credit: Nutrient Survival

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