Odor-Tackling Deodorant Sticks – Lululemon’s Anti-Stink Deodorant Does Not Stop Natural Sweating (TrendHunter.com)


Sportswear brand Lululemon recently launched its line of personal care items entitled ‘Selfcare’ and among the series is the ‘Anti-Stink’ deodorant. The main element of the product is in its namesake, making sure that it spreads the message that natural sweating is good for the body.

It is the odor that the product tackles immediately, done through a blend of anti-stink ingredients that still allows the body to freely sweat without the smell that comes with it. Additionally, it is free of aluminum and goes on the skin in a clear manner whilst feeling dry as well. The spray application also ensures added cleanliness with germ-free formats. The unisex deodorant boasts a black pepper sandalwood scent and the spray also delivers cooling elements for the underarms.

Image Credit: Lululemon

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