On-Demand Parenting Advice Networks – Tinyhood Boasts Helpful Online Course for Millennial Parents (TrendHunter.com)


While in the past advice on how to care for newborns was delivered through print books, this knowledge becomes more readily available in the tech-driven world through on-demand parenting courses like the ones offered by Tinyhood. The digital resource is designed to support new parents on their journey of starting a family by offering professionally-led classes and consultations.

Courses offered by the on-demand parenting advice network include information on infant safety, how to introduce solids, and more. The schedule allows for flexible access and additional office hours where individuals can join a private Q&A forum that is moderated by experts.

Tinyhood also offers a 1:1 Lactation Support to help mothers with nipple pain, clogged ducts, low milk supply, feeding schedules, weaning, pumping, and more.

Image Credit: Tinyhood

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