Outdoor-Ready Technical Sportswear – Nike and MMW Work Together on the Series 003 Collection (TrendHunter.com)


Matthew Williams and Nike join forces once again to create the Series 003 collection that combats the colder seasons of the year. The new capsule highlights training purposes, designed to combat high-intensity active activities, prepared for the gym, the studio, and the outdoors.

This marks the third capsule by the two forces and the range of sportswear highlights a strong sense of stylistic elements. William talks about the importance of fashion, the outdoors, and functionality — “fresh air and sunlight are proven to be two of the greatest benefits to the health and well-being of humans […] each individual expresses his or her own unique sense of style in different ways.” The capsule features parkas with internal and external pockets, waterproof jackets, a pair of shorts, a sports bra, and much more.

Image Credit: Nike

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