Parking Lot Cinemas – CF Markville is Converting Its Parking Lot into a Drive-In Movie Theater (


Drive-in movie theaters are becoming popular again as people crave out-of-home entertainment that adheres to social distancing protocols. CF Markville recently hosted CF Movie Nights for the members of its newsletter community, tenants, employees and Markham Stouffville Hospital frontline workers, who gathered under the stars to watch Smallfoot and The Goonies. Rather than gathering at a cinema within the shopping complex, people arrived in their cars and stayed there, as the entire event was set in on the site’s parking lot. During each pop-up drive-in movie experience, about 60 vehicles were in attendance. To complete the movie-going experience, staff equipped with the necessary protective personal gear also handed out popcorn supplied by Kernels.

Other Canadian shopping centers with the capacity to do so are hosting similar events focused on safe entertainment.

Image Credit: CF Markville

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