Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

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Phone-Powered Electrical Sportswear – The Wisenfit Helps You Achieve Maximum Performance (

130 min read

Access to electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) devices is no longer limited to professional athletes thanks to the Wisenfit phone-powered electrical sportswear.

The sportswear line can help consumers achieve their desired physical aesthetic through the electro-fabric that lets them strengthen and shape muscles, burn fat, and relax muscles. The Wisenfit line can shorten a two-hour training session to less than 30 minutes with the same results thanks to its advanced electrical pulses. Moreover, the line boasts high durability and can even be washed by a washing machine.

To use the Wisenfit line, simply put on the shirt and pants and connect your smartphone with sportswear’s outer snap. Next, users can open the connected app and choose their preferred mode, exercise time and track their calories burned.

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