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Phone-Sanitizing Billboards – Terveystalo’s Billboards Offer On-the-Spot Smartphone Cleaning (

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Nordic health company Terveystalo worked with TBWA\Helsinki to create sanitizing billboards that help to offer instant smartphone cleanings. The billboards are set up in public settings with secure hatches for smartphones to be placed so that UVC light can be used for a rapid cleaning that only takes about 15 seconds. While it normally takes 15 minutes of UVC exposure to fully clean a smartphone, Terveystalo says that the hospital-grade technology it uses offers just as thorough of a clean in a fraction of the time.

Although people are becoming more mindful about washing and sanitizing their hands during the pandemic, these billboards help to bring attention to the fact that the average smartphone is germ-filled and constantly carried.

Image Credit: Terveystalo

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Basic protective measures against the new corona virus

What you can do regarding this period or what you should do regularly
* Use tissue while sneezing

* Avoid Traveling

* Stay At Home

* Use mask if you go out

* Wash your hands frequently with soap

* Avoid Crowd

* Be Safe.

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