Playful Alcoholic Kombucha – Brewhaha Showcases Its Brand Identity Through Its Packaging (


Brewhaha is a brand that specializes in hand-brewed alcoholic kombucha and it captures a unique packaging identity with the help of Denomination. Denomination is a drink design specialist and the duo work together to showcase a playful aura of Brewhaha.

The overall visual aesthetic of the bottles play with copyrighting and what the brand describes as the ‘odd nature of kombucha.” It is brewed with a live yeast culture recognized as ‘mother.’ The beverage is enclosed in a brown beer bottle that has a crown cap closure at the top and packaging reminiscent of that on craft beer. There are playful images that push boundaries of the imagination including a bearded gymnast, mad magician, and dear leader, creating “idiosyncratic” characters.

Image Credit: Brewhaha

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