QR-Code Interactive Beer Cans – Grain Discovery and Olds College Launch the Barley Trail Beer (TrendHunter.com)


Grain Discovery works in collaboration with Olds College to launch a beer by the name of Barley Trail that is entirely traceable from the field all the way to the glass. The beer can boasts a unique packaging element that allows consumers to follow the beverage’s entire journey. The Barley Trail beer invites consumers to be interactive and scan the QR code on every can to follow its journey.

Embodying transparency as well as food safety, the brand showcases all the steps of the drink that brings reassurance to consumers, markets, and farmers. The blockchain technology traces down to the foundational process of the drink from production to the field and to consumers’ glass with agronomic data from Decisive Farming. Remi Schmaltz, CEO of Decisive Farming states, ‘this is a great example of how blockchain technology enhances the current supply chain systems by connecting disparate datasets and adding value to end consumer products.’

Image Credit: Grain Discovery

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