Refillable Toiletry Concepts – Makes Solid Zero-Waste Products & Refillable Containers (


Toiletries are often packaged in travel-friendly bottles that are convenient yet wasteful and is a start-up that’s offering a vision for a future with less waste by creating accessible zero-waste refillable toiletry products and containers. Notably, the brand makes its hygiene products in solid forms, including a shower gel ball, toothpaste tabs and stick deodorant. All of these products are packed into neutral yet brightly colored packaging that’s logo-free. As Aymeric Grange, one of the young entrepreneurs behind, sees it: “We throw away our empty bottles to purchase exactly the same ones, only full. It is an absurd system.” launched a fundraising campaign on Ulule to finance its first production round. Campaign supporters will be the first to experience the start-up’s releases and once’s online shop is open, shoppers will be able to purchase containers, refills and subscriptions.

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