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Self Acclaimed Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin Denies Bribing Daddy Freeze With N5M

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Self Acclaimed Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin Denies Bribing Daddy Freeze With N5M

Church business is one of the most lucrative business source for motivational speakers in Nigeria. Pastors like Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin have turned the business heads on its heels as he is known to offer bloggers huge sum of money to write articles about him and falsely publicise miracles that have been pre-planned. You might have wondered why Linda Ikeji tend to write an article about Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin almost every other week rught? Yes, she has been paid the sum of N50M by the pastor to continously broadcast messages about him and his church as a way of luring more naive members who would give up their money as tithes and offerings. Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin had recently tried and failed to run another business deal with popular online celebrity, Daddy Freeze. Daddy Freeze revealed that Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin offered him N5M to say good things about him and promote him the way he does for his competitor, Apostle Suleman Johnson, Daddy Freeze refused the money and Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin was infuriated which led him to release the statement below:

“The statement made by Daddy Freeze is confusing and misleading to his personality,  suggesting that he attempted to bribe him for any reason whatsoever. It should be clear, on record, that this supposed 5 million naira was meant to be distributed to distressed Nigerians during the Lockdown period.”
“The Man of God is known for his humanitarian activities and general goodwill, and the information being passed around is quite misleading. Daddy Freeze should not have used Prophet Jeremiah’s charitable gestures as reference, in whatever defense he was trying to make for Apostle Suleman. It is quite offensive and misleading, and we have since gotten public insinuations that Prophet Jeremiah offered Daddy Freeze a Five million naira bribe. Let it be very clear that the purpose of this money offered was to assist Nigerians during this Lockdown and not as a gift to Daddy Freeze, as his statement may insinuate.

As you can see, the statement looks more like a PR message for damage control. It is unfortunate that most Nigerians lack self-believe and always see their breakthrough coming by a “Man of God” praying for them, as such they let go of the tiny money they have to the rich man of God who keeps taking, taking and taking until he can take no more. Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is just one of the several fake prophets that are in Nigeria.

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