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Soundproof Meditation Booths – The Calm Booth by ROOM is a Mindfulness-Boosting Meditation Pod (

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In a world of constant distractions and stress, it’s more important than ever to soothe the nervous system to boost mental clarity, focus and concentration—which is why many modern offices are choosing to integrate meditation pods to give people the perfect amount of private space to regroup and collect their thoughts. The Calm Booth by ROOM is one such solution for finding peace in the workplace.

Meditation and mindfulness in the workplace has the potential to ease stress and anxiety and help people come out feeling calmer, as well as more present and capable of handling whatever the day throws at them. The soundproof booth limits distractions and comes with 12 complimentary subscriptions to premium Calm content, nature sounds and music and even a nature-inspired interior design that reminds of venturing into a forest.

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