Sustainable Longetivity-Boosting Wines – Waitrose Grocer Creates a Packaging Solution for its Wine (


Waitrose Grocer is a premium grocery chain based in the Uk and it unveiled a special sustainable solution for its wine. Launching an eco-friendly packaging in the shape of a tube, the brand worked in collaboration with Italian Orion Wines, holding the wine in a bag within the tube. The format of the packaging is 100% recyclable and it holds up to three glass bottles of wine.

Once the wine os opened, it stays fresh for approximately another ten days longer than the 75cl bottles usually last. This packaging elongates the wine’s longevity and freshness overtime. Marien Rodeiguez, Waitrose Buyer, states, “this is an important step forward in our efforts to become the leading sustainable retailer in the UK. These Italian wines offer customers the possibility to enjoy wine in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Image Credit: Waitrose

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