Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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“Tacha still works with Billz Vision Management” – Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls claims

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According to reports, the management team of Billz Vision, monitored under music executive, Tee Billz has debunked rumours of their split from controversial reality star, Tacha.

Recall, the reality star had fueled the speculations after she took down the management’s contact off her Instagram bio and replaced it with her personal information while Tee Billz had also deleted all photos associated with Tacha and her brand.

Controversial blogger, Cutie Julls shared an update of the situation via Instagram, claiming the Billz Vision had reached out to her that they are still in business with Tacha and anything otherwise is false.

See the full post below:

Last night, many of you realised I took the post of one minute of silence prayer as the RUMOURED things fall apart to us were becoming obvious down.

The Billzvission Good team, communicated to me that from top management that Tacha is still under Billzvission.

And I really respected that team. Because unlike some mofos who were yarning without reading, they picked the keyword, “RUMOURED” in my write up and appreciated my intelligence and genuineness.

Well, so it’s proper to inform you at this point that Tacha is still under Billzvission management headed by Teebillz.

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