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Top 10 Cheapest Website Builders: Low Budget Website Building Platforms

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Cheapest Website Builders – This article is a guide to the cheapest website builders. Here in this post, we will be comparing the best builders with low budgets for its users.

So guys, because you see a website builder listed it with a low-cost amount doesn’t mean that the website builder platform is not a good one or is not among the best.

Top 10 Cheapest Website Builders: Low Budget Website Building Platforms

However, if you go out there on the search engine to search for this particular thing, you will see that Wix is the lowest website builder coz it offers a free plan. But believe me, Wix free plan offer is not as good as other web builder free plans. Meaning that many website builders also offer free plans and not Wix only.

However, I don’t advise anyone to use the Free plan coz we all know that free thing is sometimes full of limitation, and the website builder free plan is not exempted from having limitations. For example, now, if you use a free plan of any website builder, you’ll rarely be able to add a custom domain name to your site, and you will be seeing unauthorized ads displayed on your site, which may sometimes irritate your users. So, to avoid that, you should buy a particular plan.

Nonetheless, here in this article, you will note see the name of any website builder plans that don’t allow you to connect to a domain name or the once that shows unauthorized ads on site.

Top 10 Cheapest Website Builders

Let’s see a random listing of the top ten (10) Website builders with a low registration amount below.

  1. WordPress – ($3/month)
  2. Weebly – ($6/month)
  3. IM Creator – ($8/month)
  4. SimpleSite – ($11.25/month)
  5. Gator – ($9.22/month)
  6. Jimdo Creator – ($9/month)
  7. GoDaddy – ($6/month)
  8. Strikingly – ($8/month)
  9. Ucraft – ($10/month)
  10. SITE123 – ($10.80/month)

1. WordPress – ($3/month)

WordPress’s lowest monthly registration price is unarguably the most popular platform to build a website on. Yes, you heard me, right!!! Almost all the websites that you are seeing or visiting are built on, though it requires more technical know-how compared to

Wanna learn more about WordPress (WP)? Then visit here – or

2. Weebly – ($6/month)

With Weebly website builder, you’ll get access to customizable webpage designs and useful tools to build your website and grow your ideal business.

However, you can easily build a good looking website to help you discover and grow your customer base in style with Weebly.

Check out things for yourself here at You can start with the $6/month plan.

3. IM Creator – ($8/month)

IM Creator is one of the website builders with many different templates that allows anyone to build a site in just a few minutes with low budget plans.

You can create your website so easily with just 8 USD if you are using IM creator. Visit to learn more about it.

4. SimpleSite – ($11.25/month)

With as low as $11.25/month, you can start building your new website on SimpleSite. Yea, it’s also one of the most popular online website builders in the world, with no ads, and you can customize your own domain name.

To see more information about this platform, visit –

5. Gator – ($9.22/month)

Gator is another website builder with a low budget plan that you can count on. As you can see above, you can start to build your website with Gator for as low as $9.22 per month.

Visit here to learn more –

6. Jimdo Creator – ($9/month)

Per the information derived from Wikipedia, Jimdo is a German website-builder and all-in-one hosting solution, designed to enable users to build their own websites without any web design experience. The company is privately held and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in Munich and Tokyo.

The company offers a low budget plan for people who want to build a website using their platform. With as low as $9 per month, you can build your site using the Jimdo creator site builder platform.

What are you waiting for? Head over to, and start building your website today on Jimdo.

7. GoDaddy – ($6/month)

GoDaddy is one of the vastly used website builders globally with a great, amazing, and customizable feature to enable easy website building from scratch.

Even with the amount of popularity they’ve gained in the world web development sphere, the company still offers low budget plans for its users who can’t afford the higher amounted plans.

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You can start building a freshly and professionally looking website for as low as 6 dollars per month when using the GoDaddy platform as your website builder.

See more information here –

8. Strikingly – ($8/month)

Strikingly is a website builder that allows its user, with little or no development experience, to create mobile-optimized websites “within minutes.”

The lowest starting price of plans for Strikingly is 8 dollars per month. With this amount, you’ll be able to build a good and responsive website as easy as ABC.

Do you want to know more about Strikingly, or maybe you want to start using the platform now, then you’ve to visit their official web platform –

9. Ucraft – ($10/month)

Like others, Ucraft is a website building platform that enables you to create a highly optimized website from scratch without difficulties. Other from that, the company has one of the cheapest website building plans for its unique customers.

As a registered user on the Ucraft web platform, you can create a website of your own with your own domain name for as low as $10 per month.

Visit to know more.

10. SITE123 – ($10.80/month)

Do you want to create a website for yourself but don’t know how to design, or maybe you don’t have coding skills? Then, you don’t have to worry coz of the SITE123 site builder platform. You don’t need no design or coding skills to create a website.

I may say that SITE123 is the easiest website builder that you can use to create your website now!.

Also, the price for starting a website on SITE123 is as low as 10.80 dollars per month.

learn more about SITE123 here

Final Words

Please be guided that because you’ve seen a web builder platform listed here among the cheapest doesn’t mean that they don’t offer great service. Yes, they offer great and amazing services. You can take WordPress as an example.

Thank you for reading our contents about the Cheapest Website Builders, and we believe you’ve learned something from here.

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