Tracking Toothbrush Devices – Truthbrush Helps Families Monitor Their Toothbrushing Habits (


Truthbrush is introducing itself to the world on Indiegogo as a first-of-its-kind device to help families track their brushing habits and take better steps to improve oral health. With patented technology that tracks toothbrush movement, Truthbrush is designed to monitor how long people brush their teeth and if there are any areas they missed. Over time, the device helps to offer insights and reveal patterns so that coaching can be applied to improve results.

As well as being advantageous to patients, the device also helps dentists get more insight into patient habits at home. Using a special dentist portal, dentists are able to offer remote monitoring services, which help to provide care between routine in-person office visits, which usually tend to be a few months apart for regular cleanings.

Image Credit: Candibell

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