Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Wearable Overdose Reversal Inventions – Purdue University Has Pioneered an Opioid Antidote Device (

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Overdose reversal is perhaps a realistic end as researchers at Purdue University pioneer the Wearable Opioid Antidote Device. The product presents a “sticker-like sensor” that can be applied to the chest, a magnetic field generator and a capsule of the antidote.

Thanks to strategic planning, as well as the infusion of technology and science, the wearable is aware of one’s ECG and heart rate. If a problem is detected by the sensors, the system triggers the release of a capsule of naloxone under the skin which works to motivate overdose reversal and allow for the individual a higher chance to receive medical attention before it is too late.

There is surely much need for a life-saving gadget like the Wearable Opioid Antidote Device by Purdue University.

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