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Wearable Stroke Rehabilitation Technology – Constructing Connectivity Releases a Multi-sensory Tool (

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Jessica Smarsch’s startup, Constructing Connectivity, has debuted a wearable stroke rehabilitation technology that goes by the name of ‘Connextyle.’

The innovation embraces the silhouette of “a shirt with technical sleeves.” The product is multi-sensory and intended to be used as a tool for healing. It connects to a specialized mobile app that decodes data from the garment’s sensors and presents it visually to help with progress. These sensors register muscle use, rotation, and range of motion. The data is not only informative but also encouraging to consult.

The concept of the stroke rehabilitation technology is inspired by Kintsugi—a Japanese technique for repairing broken ceramics. At the end of rehab, individuals can trade in their “technical sleeves” for “Kintsugi sleeves.”

Image Credit: Gabriele Mariotti/ Hessica Smarsch

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