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Workstation WFH Air Purifiers – The Conceptual ‘VIKA’ Air Purifier Has a Built-in Bulletin Board (

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The conceptual ‘VIKA’ air purifier is a cleverly designed appliance for the home that will work to support the health and well-being of consumers spending more time than ever living and working from one space. The unit features an ultra-modern aesthetic that can be positioned onto a workstation to start capturing dust, gases, VOCs, allergens and more thanks to the built-in cleaning system from Electrolux. The unit is outfitted with a partition that can be positioned outwards to offer a spot to post small notes or keep essential documents within view.

The conceptual ‘VIKA’ air purifier is the design work of Mathilda Karlsson, Marian Dembkiewicz and Arvind Sushil of the Umeå Institute of Design) in collaboration with Electrolux.

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Basic protective measures against the new corona virus

What you can do regarding this period or what you should do regularly
* Use tissue while sneezing

* Avoid Traveling

* Stay At Home

* Use mask if you go out

* Wash your hands frequently with soap

* Avoid Crowd

* Be Safe.

COVID-19 Stats