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Your Better Self with Akanna: Where Our Focus Should Be in These Tumultuous Times

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But at times like this, we should remember the principle of moral hierarchy. You must have heard of, or perhaps personally know, some men who do close to nothing to provide for their families, yet are great benefactors to people outside. They help pay school fees for people’s kids in their community, help others start businesses, connect some to lucrative jobs, and broker peace to save marriages. Yet, their own marriages suffer and their homes are in disarray. They are resented by members of their own family because the charity for which they are so well-known do not begin in their homes. They are more concerned about how outsiders perceive them than those who know them best. Such people exist. More common are those who are more concerned about ending world poverty and hunger, donating to charities that feed starving children in poorer countries, but do nothing to meet the needs of their own neighbors. They don’t even know who their neighbors are.

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Basic protective measures against the new corona virus

What you can do regarding this period or what you should do regularly
* Use tissue while sneezing

* Avoid Traveling

* Stay At Home

* Use mask if you go out

* Wash your hands frequently with soap

* Avoid Crowd

* Be Safe.

COVID-19 Stats